Frequently Asked Questions

If you are within Canada, you are good to go, just wait for the event date and arrange your local transport means. If you are outside Canada, you may need a visa through your local Canadian Embassy to enter Canada. Visitors to Canada require a valid travel document and a visitor’s visa (Temporary Resident Visa) or an electronic Travel Authorization(eTA). It is the responsibility of our clients to obtain a visitor visa or eTA when they get proper documentation of their attendance for our events.

You may need a business visa or a temporary resident visa/visitor visa. Please check on this link for more information about foreign visitors to Canada.

No we do not offer any Travel or Accommodation services. Kindly note that you will be personally responsible for all travel and lodging arrangements and expenses required to attend this workshop. We may recommend nearby lodging facilities feel free to contact us.

This depends on your eligibility as assessed by the Canadian embassy. Kindly note that we do not influence obtaining visa.

Coffee, snack will be mad for breakfast, a simple sandwich, water and pop will be served for lunch. Restaurants at the venue will be available to serve individuals who may want to pay for a particular meal.

man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane
man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane